We offer a course that will give you full qualifications to become an insured Lomi Lomi Therapist

The essence of what we offer here is 4 levels of training, starting from the entry level one until the advanced weeklong level four workshop ‘back to the source’ in Hawaii.

The number of workshop participants are limited to small groups. To ensure you get very focused and individual teaching and guidance from Dawn and her team, allowing us to give you one-on-one attention to ensure you receive the maximum instruction and best possible chance to acquire the strokes and techniques.

Previous massage or bodywork experience is not necessary!

We do not know of any other Lomi Lomi massage taught here in Australia that is a true lineage and offered by the lineage holder themselves. It is personally taught, just as it was hundreds of years ago in its purest form by Dawn who is the only person able to teach this modality ‘Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi’. It will be of interest to you if you are sincerely interested in learning this tradition in its most basic and ‘unpolluted way’, and is for anyone that is looking to connect with source healing energy to serve and nurture those they love, or within their community.

This form of Lomi Lomi is a restorative Hawaiian massage that works gently, yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes. This allows the recipient to relax due to the hypnotic effect, bringing the mind to a place of absolute stillness. Touch, rhythm and ancient wisdom come together, allowing healing to occur. The long, continuous strokes are designed to help the body let go of its old patterns and behaviours, which can cause as many stresses and strains as muscle tension. Through its rhythm and pattern’s, it activates meridians, energy points, releases energetic blocks and allows the body’s own healing processes to take over.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for everybody to feel like they can be themselves with acceptance, no separation and without judgement. We live by these principles and treat each other within the group with respect, honest, open communication and compassion. This, we feel, is vitally important to create the best way for students to feel relaxed and be able to learn, not only the techniques, but also to learn a deeper connection with themselves and others. Often lasting, deep friendships are made on our workshops.

You will learn new skills and shed old programming and belief systems. This will be facilitated with love and support. Whilst focus and discipline is the mother of learning new techniques, having fun and not taking yourself too seriously are equally important.

You can expect to come away from our workshops feeling centred, calm and connected to your inner being, passion and life purpose. The teachings will allow you to re-enter your daily life more in tune with your feelings, trusting your intuition and self-guidance. This will lead to greater self-empowerment, less reliance on external influences with more mental focus and emotional clarity. You will experience feeling happier from a relaxed body, still mind and having shared a wonderful break with like-minded people.

After successfully completing level one you can, if you wish, create your own business that you have always dreamed of and become a Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi therapist, or if you are already a body worker you will be able to add Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to your list of therapies offered to your clients.

This Lomi Lomi training experience will give you the opportunity to practice openness and be more receptive to relationships and gain new experiences. You will learn to become more positive with your thought patterns, giving you the power to transform your body and mind, better equipped to serve others. With four levels of training to advance to, each level extending the massage and treatment, adding new skills such as trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage, 4 hand doubles massage and stretches with the final level 4 completed in Hawaii over a week duration. 

We hold the majority of our workshops in dedicated retreats all over the beautiful Gold Coast, QLD and Northern Rivers, NSW Australia. All our ‘Full Retreat Stay’ courses from level one to three include 2 night’s accommodation, nutritionally healthy food, cold pressed juices, use of retreat facilities and tuition for 3 full days. Alternatively we have our ‘Day Stay’ option which includes tuition as well as nutritionally healthy lunch and cold pressed juice each day.

We are an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and are able to pass on insurance and member benefits/discounts to our students upon completion of our Level 1 Lomi Lomi and Hot Stones workshops. All of our workshops are also approved by the Australian National Therapists Association (ANTA) and Massage & Myotherapy Australia for CPE points only.


• Knowledge to perform a full Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage treatment *Starting at 90 minutes for Level 1*

• Full qualification as a Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist, along with a certificate

• Become part of our Massage Ohana Family, which entitles you to future discounts and preferred booking status

• Receive 20% off your first year of membership with IICT and possible savings on insurance with IICT

• A calm and peaceful mind

• A relaxed and healthy body

• A healing that will ripple throughout your life

• Strong bonds with new friends

Level 1 workshop


Level 1 training is a complete therapy that covers all the main regions of the body, including the back; neck; chest; stomach; arms; hands; legs; feet and face. It was developed by the Hawaiian Kahunas (teachers of the secret) over the centuries to relax the body by mimicking the motions of the waves. This restorative Hawaiian massage works gently, yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes. This allows the recipient to relax due to the hypnotic effect, bringing the mind to a place of absolute stillness.

The principles of this rhythm and patterns are taught to activate meridians, energy points, release energetic blocks and allow the client a safe space to experience a time of oneness and unconditional love. By releasing these energy blocks the body’s own healing processes can take over. The basic concepts of energy work are covered, such as connecting with the receiver, setting up your intent and taking care not to draw on your own cellular energy. You will be taught to empower yourself to go within to find the answers, to allow the natural healing energies to flow by focusing on pure intent and love. Additional basic concepts like how to drape the body with a sarong so that the client feels safe and comfortable as well as oiling up the body so that it feels like part of the treatment, are all covered.

The treatment starts with a series of long flowing strokes along the entire length of the body, on each side. Whilst working through many of the main muscle groups, it allows the practitioner and receiver to connect and move into an almost hypnotic state.

The traditional way of learning Lomi Lomi was through feeling the strokes being performed on yourself, this give and receive method is the perfect way of ensuring your senses and memory aid you in retaining the strokes and techniques.

Each day during the workshop you will be chosen a new partner from your group to work with, this provides you with lots of different types of bodies to work on with new feedback from one another.

Just imagine being massaged and giving massage for a full 3 days! We promise you will feel amazing…

The main areas of the body are then attended to with a series of specific strokes designed to help with lymphatic drainage and relieve muscular tension. All the while the hands rarely leave the body as each series of stokes connect seamlessly. This treatment when performed in its entirety last approximately 60 – 90 minutes. No formal notes given for this level as the importance is around feeling through each of the moves. However, you are welcome to bring a notebook if written notes will aid in your style of learning.

Morning meditations are usual to relax the mind, release any blocked emotions and help facilitate learning. We ensure that our teaching style is kept very personal by limiting our workshops to small groups, with a maximum of 8 students staying for the ‘full retreat stay’ and a maximum of an additional 4 as ‘day stay’ students. This ensures that everyone gets one-on-one attention ensuring the best and maximum instruction. The teaching style emphasises compassion, kindness and a relaxed environment with laughter, fun and support to make this learning an easy and joyful experience.

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Level 2 workshop


Level 2 training is a complete extension of Level 1. We revisit Level 1 introducing more depth of knowledge and lots of new strokes step-by-step to provide you with a longer and more complex Lomi Lomi massage and treatment. Allowing you to nurture the ones you touch, just a little bit more. You also get the chance to reconnect with some students you met during your level 1 training or get the opportunity to connect with other level 1 students from our ever growing Ohana.

The techniques used in Level 2 were perfected over the centuries by Hawaiian Healers to reintegrate and facilitate the healing process to the parts of the body the Hawaiian warriors damaged in battle.

The main areas of the body are then attended too with a series of specific strokes developed to aid lymphatic drainage and the basic introduction of trigger points, this allows the practitioner to go much deeper into relieving tension in the major parts of the body that hold the stresses of modern living and trauma from physical and mental exertion. Within the longer flowing strokes more specific techniques are introduced that are highly effective at releasing tensed up muscles and help aid in the relaxation of your client for a better and deeper healing. More emphasis is added to becoming centred in the rhythm of Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi, opening up the heart energy, connecting you to your higher self and the abundance of kindness and healing. This energy will flow into your clients which will assist in moving stagnant energies through and out of their body.

This treatment when performed continuously will last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours, extending the massage by 30 minutes from level 1. There are no formal notes given for this level as the importance is around feeling through each of the moves by giving and receiving. However, you are welcome to bring a notebook if written notes will aid in your style of learning.

Morning meditations are usual to help calm the mind and relax the body, move through any blocked emotions and help facilitate the learning process.

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Level 3 workshop


Level 3 introduces ‘Trigger Point Therapy’ and ‘Doubles Massage’.

Trigger Point Therapy works specifically on fatigued, locked up muscles to relieve pain that just doesn’t seem to go away. Many ailments such as migraines, frozen shoulders, bursitis, tendonitis are often misdiagnosed. The culprit can in fact be overworked muscles that have formed hard nodules which cause the length of the muscle to be strained. What makes it difficult to diagnose is the concept of referred pain. So, the real culprit of the problem is often not the area that is giving the pain. For instance, pain in the front of the shoulder is often created by trigger points around the shoulder blade. Many headaches are caused by the larger muscles of the upper back and around the shoulders. Once these larger muscle groups are released, the headache pain is often relieved or at the very least allows the smaller muscles around the neck and head to be released more easily. By locating the referring trigger point areas and applying pressure with targeted, milking strokes, these tiny knots are released, thereby releasing the entire muscle from its state of chronic contraction (the cause of the pain and discomfort).

Level 3 introduces the main trigger points along the body. We work through them sequentially by working with your partner providing constant feedback to be able to get the “feel” of each trigger point area. These trigger points are then integrated into the Level 2 Lomi Lomi massage sequence. The trigger points can be used as a standalone therapy or incorporated into the Lomi Lomi stroke sequence as much as desired or required.

We teach and integrate our famous ‘Doubles Massage’ (4 handed massage) which is a unique experience for your clients. You will learn how to coordinate and synchronise your methods together and build connections with other Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi therapists from our Ohana. This ‘Doubles Massage’ will expand your list of service offerings and will leave your valued clients unaware of who is behind each of the four hands working on them.

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Level 4 workshop


Level 4 ‘back to the source’ is the favourite workshop with all our students! You get to experience a week in the beauty of Hawaii, spending half the days increasing and expanding your Lomi Lomi teachings together with a group of dedicated & committed students and the other half exploring and touring the sights, amazing scenes, culture and traditions from the special birth place of our Lineage.

We take you on a journey into understanding yourself, whilst deepening your understanding of the Lomi Lomi practice. We look at ancient techniques to recognise patterns within ourselves that may sabotage us and block the natural flow of moving forward and dealing with change in our lives. This ‘Old Style’ of Lomi Lomi is an ancient Polynesian wisdom handed down ritually from a sacred lineage. This simple, powerful philosophy is based on living your truth. This entails having clear, open honest communication with yourself and all your relationships. This is a journey into the soul, discovering the essence of who you are, without the masks that we wear to suppress this true inspiration. This is what the ancients believed was the root of stagnation which leads to all suffering and pain.

Daily facilitated meditations are used to help move through any old patterns and journaling techniques are introduced to ground these insights and help move through any changes. The focus is on techniques that can be incorporated in daily life, going within to find your own answers and being your own facilitator of change and growth.

A full revision of Level 2 incorporating Level 3 trigger points is performed with stroke corrections and an emphasis of keeping the flow and rhythm throughout the massage. More trigger points are then introduced with a deeper focus on referred pain. Specific patterns of referred pain are worked through and practiced with some more advanced techniques of how to find and release difficult trigger points within the body. Stretching techniques are practiced and incorporated. Lomi Lomi for pregnancy is looked at with various techniques discussed and what areas that need to be avoided are examined.

We always look to hire a dedicated property exclusively for the whole group, this accommodation is carefully selected to ensure we have a gorgeous space to hold the morning workshops and enough amenities to ensure we all have the relaxation, rest and holiday, as always our focus is on fun and making the whole experience truly special. The location is always a high priority and we always have a number of tours organised with people carriers rented to ensure that all can attend. The afternoon tours give you an opportunity to explore and experience sacred places, connect with waterfalls, stunning nature and spend time in the famously powerful ocean.

This experience is also extended to couples (so you can now include your partner), non-students or returning students. Those not attending the Level 4 workshop are free to relax, explore and take in the delights of Hawaii and the retreat.

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Hot Stones


One full day of Hot Stones massage, you will learn how to heat your stones, clean and refresh your stones. Time will be spent in learning the benefits of hot stones therapy and how to best use the different types of stones in conjunction with your Lomi Lomi massage techniques and strokes. Lava stones are a reminder of creation and the beginning of time when the earth was covered in water. As the land rose in the form of volcanoes, from volcanoes came stones. Many ancient cultures used stone therapy in daily life for healing, relaxation and transformation. In Hawaii the lava stones were wrapped in leaves and are placed on the body to allow the client to increase their metabolic rate, activate the parasympathetic system and stimulate ultra-filtration into their lymphatic system.

You will learn the Hot Stone therapy is an ancient healing technique dating back over 3000 years. The combination of heat and rhythm allow the therapist to penetrate deeply into any areas of pain and constriction along the body. These flat stones retain heat well as they are made from volcanic rock, then smoothed from the rivers current or crystals full of energy. The warmed stones are placed on various parts of the body and the continuous flow of these stones, along with the placement have a powerful relaxing effect upon both the mind and body.

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Tours to the most beautiful places in the world with a focus on self-discovery, relaxation, self-nurturing and soft adventure. Each offers something different, some gentle yoga, meditation, journaling and various other modalities depending on the venue and availability of outside practitioner. These tours and retreats take the essence of Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi, the philosophy and teachings of this ancient Hawaiian lineage into a form for everyone. The tours are suitable for anyone that would like to:

• Experience new cultures and beautiful landscapes with a group of likeminded people.

• Transform old patterns and remove obstacles that have been holding them back.

• Experience sacred energy centres around the world.

• Calm a busy or fatigued mind and body by being immersed in an environment that offers a slower more relaxed pace of life.

• Feel nurtured and safe to receive new beliefs and energy shift on all levels.

• Feel centred, calm and connected to your inner being, passion and life purpose.

The tours add the element of adventure usually involving some trekking or hiking and other activities through breathtaking scenery. We have chosen a balance of activities and exercises as well as providing a space for nurturing, rejuvenating and relaxing.

The tours work on every level of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By touring and experiencing different locations it opens the heart, mind and soul to new horizons. Shifts naturally happen more quickly as we respond to the changing external environment allowing our inner senses to evolve and speed up our transformative process.

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No previous experience is necessary, in fact we have found that some students find it easier to learn without other massage trainings and learnt modalities, so starting from a completely blank page is fine! In times past, Lomi Lomi was used within the families to ensure that everyone was healthy and strong as possible. Carrying on with this tradition, some students simply learn Lomi Lomi to nourish and share with their loved ones, families and friends without intentions to become a working massage/bodywork therapist.


We find many Cert 4 Remedial and previously trained massage/body workers complete our courses as they are able to add Lomi Lomi to their list of insured treatments. Trigger point therapy and four handed doubles massage, stretches and pregnancy massage are added in levels 3 to 4 to extend your growing list of offerings. Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is very kind to the practitioner giving the treatment. We usually find that after training, Lomi Lomi becomes their preferred choice of healing treatments offered, due to less strain on their bodies through knowing how to distribute weight correctly, pressure within their hands and the energised effect felt by the therapists.


No, Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is suitable for all ages and genders. We have been blessed with all ages and have had a full range, from children all the way up to students in their late 70’s learn with us! Fun fact: Auntie Margaret Kalehuamakanoelu’ulu’uonapali Aha’ula Keali’i Machado taught and actively gave Lomi Lomi massages well into her late 80’s! As long as you are able to stand and lay unaided, you are capable of joining our workshops. We often have ladies join who are pregnant or people with injuries train with us.


We have lots of Interstate and International students who travel far & wide to join our workshops. For flights, we suggest arriving at Gold Coast airport where we will happily include airport transfers as part of your stay. You will need to advise us of your arrival and departure times when you book. If you decide to fly into Brisbane airport, there are train or bus options with regular schedules however you will need to organise this yourself, we are happy to collect you from a local bus or train station. If you are driving from Interstate, you will take exit 89 on the M1 pacific motorway and follow your GPS/map for a short while to our location.


We try our best to offer a range of foods to suit most common dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and diabetic. You can specify any dietary requirements when you complete our Student Enrolment Form upon securing your booking. If you have an uncommon dietary requirement, please contact us directly and we will try our best to accommodate you however this may come at an additional cost to you.


You will receive notification from us via email on how and when to pay the outstanding balance.


Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is lineage based and is unique in comparison to most training offered by other Lomi Lomi teachers therefore students will need to start at our entry level regardless of their previous Lomi Lomi experience. We do however appreciate all teachings and believe that no training is ever wasted, your experience will simply provide you with a greater understanding of Lomi Lomi as a whole and may allow you to pick up the strokes/techniques quicker than your fellow students.


Usually yes, after demonstrating that you are capable of the basic strokes and technique on the final day of practice. We always recommend that students complete a minimum of 10 massages on loved ones after finalising their training prior to offering treatments to clients, this is to ensure that they have integrated all the knowledge that has been shared.


Yes, after graduating and receiving your certificate and completing 10 massages on loved ones after your course, you will be able to set up and start giving Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massages to paying clients. We recommend becoming insured and joining the IICT or similar recognised body. See below FAQ’s regarding insurance and accreditations.


Therapists need to be very careful when massaging pregnant women. We advise against doing so unless you have completed our Level 4 workshop which includes Pregnancy Massage training. If you are not trained you could do serious damage without meaning to or even knowing and also you would not be covered for insurance purposes if something were to go wrong. We do not recommend students practice on or treat pregnant women before completing Level 4. There are many areas (other than the belly) to avoid as Lomi Lomi is a lymphatic drainage massage and certain points can be damaging to the woman and/or foetus if not performed correctly. We understand the desire to help pregnant women to relax and unwind however they are very sensitive and should only be treated by experienced pregnancy massage therapists.


As a Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage practitioner you are eligible to join the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) on:


www.iict.com.au. Ph: 1300 653 981 The IICT guarantees Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is covered and that our graduates* can gain membership and insurance.


Or alternatively after gaining IICT membership you have a variety of insurers to choose from. (Contact us if you need any further assistance).


The International Institute of Complimentary Therapies. Australia’s Best Rates for Membership & Discounted Practitioner Insurance. Over 550 Natural Therapy Modalities Welcome. Visit: www.iict.com.au or email: support@iict.com.au for a free information kit.


Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a sacred form of healing massage and bodywork that is not usually recognised by the usual western medical society. Our training is recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapist (IICT), we recommend that you gain membership of a massage or allied health association to ensure you can get insurance coverage, if you wish to make massage therapy or body work your chosen work or career.


No previous experience is required to start your learning with us, you just need the desire and good intention to learn and grow.