Aloha and welcome

Your interest in this website is very much appreciated.

Here you are invited to an introduction to “Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi” massage training, which is a lineage based passing on, of a healing modality which was integral, and vital, in the ancient Polynesian culture. It will be of interest to you, if you are sincerely interested in learning this tradition in its most basic, and “unpolluted” way. In this day and age, all things seem to have become diluted, and devoid of strict adherence to ancient tradition, therefore losing its potency and purity.

You will be shown how this tradition was developed and passed on in its protected way for hundreds of years. Recently this torch was passed on again. I would like to introduce you to my Kahu and mentor, Sherman Dudoit (now known as Raman Das), who dedicated nearly thirty years of his life to carrying this “way” all over the world, and how the “passing on” has come to Australia, which is the cradle of the ancient ways.

Also, if your interest moves you in your heart, there will be information regarding upcoming massage courses and contact details…but first, read on… and you will know if this can become a part of your life.

Remember one thing from my Teacher, this is not about learning a skill in order to make a living. It is about sharing with others how to make “living” possible in its most sacred way. This tradition takes life and healing from the heart, and hands, to a whole other dimension.

Thank you for your interest and may your life be blessed.

Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi (Love one another)