Our Story

Welcome to our Ohana (family).

The essence of what we offer here at Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi is a safe environment for everybody to feel like they can be themselves with acceptance, no separation and without judgement. We try very hard to live by these principles and treat each other within the team with respect, honest, open communication and compassion. This, we feel, is vitally important to create the the best way for students to feel safe and be able to learn, not only the techniques, but also to learn a deeper connection with yourselves and others. Often lasting, deep friendships are made on these courses.

Scott and Alex were on Sherman Dudoit’s, my Ka Huna’s (teacher) last work shop with me. They have also been with me as facilitators ever since. Jayden, Dawn’s daughter has recently joined us to help  with the administration, we are grateful to have her energy  with us!

You will learn new skills and shed old programmings and belief systems. This will be facilitated with love and support. Whilst focus and discipline is the mother of learning new techniques, having fun and not taking yourself too seriously are equally important.

You can expect from these workshops to come away feeling centred, calm and connected to your inner being, passion and life purpose. The teachings will allow you to re-enter your daily life more in tune with your feelings, trusting your intuition and self guidance. This will lead to greater self empowerment, less reliance on external influences with more mental an emotional clarity.

Meet our team!