Our TylöHelo Steam Room Benefits

Sep 1, 2021

For many cultures steaming has been embraced as a social ritual to relax and connect with others. But people quickly realised that the potential benefits of steam bathing extend far beyond relaxation. In fact, it can provide wellness benefits in a number of ways. Our Swedish TylöHelo steam room facility here at Tally Valley Ohana Retreat is pre-set to the perfect temperature to provide optimum results and is transformed into a fragrance therapy room by simply adding our favourite Zea essential oils to the steam generator. Health benefits associated with steam bathing are:

~Improved Respiratory Health~
Steam rooms create an environment that warms the mucous membrane and encourages deep breathing, helping to break up congestion inside your sinuses and lungs.

~Reduced stress~
The heat, the silence, and the solitude will help you relax causing the body to release endorphins and other ‘feel good’ chemicals that counteract the harmful hormones caused by stress.

~Improved Sleep~
By raising your body temperature in the steam room just before it is time to go to bed, your heated body will automatically work to readjust its temperature afterward and that will lull you off to sleep.

~Boosted Immune System~
Regular heat exposure can significantly reduce the risk of catching common colds and the flu. As the heat boosts the blood circulation and stimulates the production of white blood cells, this helps to protect our bodies against viral and bacterial attacks.

~Improved Skin~
Regular steam baths can have a transformative effect on your complexion. The heat, the sweating, and the increased circulation stimulates the production of collagen, and deeply cleanses and rejuvenates your skin.

~Physical Wellness~
The humid heat promotes an increase in blood circulation and supports lactic acid breakdown in over worked muscles. Steam bathing assists in loosening stiff muscles while improving muscular flexibility – so it’s great to soak before a workout or massage.

Come experience the relaxation for yourself by booking in for a ‘Full Retreat Stay’ Lomi Lomi workshop, a Retreat Weekend or a Lomi Lomi Massage including spa use. We cannot wait to nurture you! ♥