Here’s your opportunity to be nurtured when Dawn is booked out and your intuition says ‘I need it now’…

Feb 11, 2021

We just had to share more Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with you!

We are so blessed and grateful to welcome Lani Kalani to our retreat centre offering Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage treatments!

Lani is an incredible Lomi Lomi therapist who first joined us in a Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level 1 workshop way back in June 2008 !! Lani and Dawn initially connected a year earlier when Lani attended a Goddess workshop and received her first Lomi Lomi Massage treatment by Dawn. Lani not only treasured being held in Dawn’s presence but fell profoundly in love with Lomi Lomi massage and instantly knew that this was the style for her. At that time Lani was still delving between modalities, trying to find the style that best suited her, she loved hands on work but was waiting for the right style to present itself, so trusting in her calling she made plans, booked and completed her first workshop. The universe had provided and she knew that that this was going to be her signature offering and has adored giving this Lomi Lomi ever since. She loves everything about Lomi Lomi Massage, the healing nature that it is, the purity and the way it makes her and her clients feel.

One of Lani’s greatest loves is being at one in nature, in particular the ocean. She is known to be out catching waves on her surfboard during down time to help replenish her mind, body and spirit. Lani is passionate about health, she has a vast knowledge and awareness of implementing self-care methods and improving ones happiness and well-being. Travelling and discovering new destinations is a great desire. In fact, Dawn and Lani have enjoyed a collection of international trips together over the past 11 years of friendship. Travelling together to India in 2012, Philippines in 2015 and their all-time favourite trip Hawaii in 2016 where they returned to source and Lani completed her Level 4 training, gaining a deeper knowledge of the lineage, its foundations and the extended massage talents. Dawn and Lani’s friendship goes beyond sharing vacations together, they often catch up one on one and for social outings.

Lani is a kind, gentle, warm and caring soul. When asked what her biggest strength is, she modestly replied that her biggest strength would be “Truth – not only speaking truth, but living truth” and we couldn’t agree more. It says a lot about Lani’s personality and what she brings to her massage and our Ohana. We have been thankful to have had Lani regularly assisting in various roles at workshops in the past years and this has continued to evolve to the point where everything has aligned so that Lani is now ready to provide her offerings from our retreat centre. It is extremely important for Dawn to stay within the spirit of the lineage and Lani fits this perfectly, we are honoured and proud to welcome Lani here.

Dawn commends Lani’s Lomi Lomi Massage treatments and often allows Lani to work on herself. Even though the same style of massage is taught to all, everyone masters their own unique gift, no two therapists are the same. It is quite prevalent that we all branch out from our programmed and learnt comfort zones, we encourage you to experience different treatments from different souls from all walks of life, as you might just obtain something you need at a very important and key moment,  which you may not have been able to receive from anyone else. Change and diversity should always be embraced. If you reject change, certain experiences and opportunities are likely to pass you by.

To book in with Lani and experience her nurturing massage, click the ‘Book Massage’ button located in the header of our website and select Lani Kalani as your preferred therapist. At this time Lani has limited availabilities on Tuesday’s only however she will soon be expanding her offerings allocating 2 days per week to work from Tally Valley Ohana Retreat Spa & Training Centre. 

We encourage you to book in today and treat yourself to a session with Lani, you’ll be grateful you did.