Scott Wright

Scott has worked with Dawn as a facilitator for the past 10 years. He takes the guided meditation sessions for which he has a gift to be able to bring the group to a state of deep relaxation. Once in this space he has a unique ability to guide people to begin to clear old patterns in a safe nurturing space.

He has studied and practiced a number of different modalities over the years, including psychosomatic therapy, which he uses to help people gain a deeper perspective of who they truly are and their highest potential for this life time. His dinner table astrology readings at the courses have now become a feature which is kept light and fun, yet gives rare insight into challenges and potential in peoples lives.

One of Scott’s great talents is his unique ability to relate and accept all different types of personalities and allowing people to be understood and heard.

Scott also looks after much of the behind the scenes side of our operation, including the marketing, website, tour organisation and planning to name a few.