Dawn Charlton

Dawn Charlton

Dawn Charlton was born into this life gifted with a divine dispensation.We are all gifted at conception in different ways, and we go on to express these throughout our lives. Dawns gift is that she carries an ability “to see” beyond the façade. Her grandmother was a well known medium in England who was very close to Leslie Flint, a very famous psychic and medium who underwent scientific study to test his abilities. No scientific explanation could be found for his gifts.

Dawns gifts also extend past “seeing” to a natural healing ability. She has frequently been called upon to assist people in their “dying” process. Animals also come to “pass on” with her presence assisting. This is a very rare gift.

Her fascination with Hawaii began at an early age for her, and she developed a passion to explore the healing ways of the Polynesians. This also manifested into an interest in meditation, which ultimately leads to self realisation, through this inner exploration. In 2002 she determined to devote her life to healing through massage, and she immersed herself in these studies completely. Then destiny became more insistent with her direction and she was guided to a course being taught by Sherman Dudoit, a world renowned Kahu or Master of Old Style Lomi Lomi. Upon their first meeting there was an immediate recognition. This connection fulfilled destiny in 2005, when Dawn travelled to Hawaii to train again with Sherman, who despite failing health, came out of retirement to teach once more, as he felt that he would find the apprentice needed to pass this work on in order to let it grow, and restore his health.

As it is written, when the disciple is ready, the Master appears.

This last 2 week intensive course resulted in Dawn being chosen by Sherman to pass on this teaching. She has dedicated herself completely to apprenticeship with Sherman, and receiving his formal permission and blessing to teach this “way”.

Dawn is now dedicating her life to teaching this tradition, and in the most sacred way she is keeping it true. It is also of note that her daughter “Jayden” has also been recognised, by Sherman, as being a recipient of this natural gift inherent in the Mother, and her training has begun, and is considered by Sherman to be uniquely gifted……and so, from Mother to Daughter, from Father to Son, Mother to Son, Father to Daughter, this ancient lineage continues to grow and flourish, it is the way of all things Divine.

A word from Sherman…

“When I first met Dawn in Australia in 2002, I knew. This is the one...

but not yet. Much needed to happen before she or I were ready. In 2005 I consented to one more training in Hawaii. It was a very large group of students from all over the world. Many previous students came again to study with me in this last training, and well, there was Dawn, all the way from Australia. Now it was time, and it began, there in its source, Hawaii. Since then, she has apprenticed with me effortlessly, smooth and direct transmission. Dawn carries with her all the essential qualities needed, absolute dedication, humility, patience, tremendous empathy and compassion, natural gifts of the hands and heart, and a willingness to serve beyond limits. This is selfless service.

The proof of her genuine ability is that without advertisement, more work comes to her than she can possibly handle. This is always the surest sign of one touched by God for service.”