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Our decision making process is made up of two parts, literally within different areas of the brain – our rational analytical mind and our intuitive instinctual system.

Our intuition works very fast and we tend to “feel” it in the body, though we often can’t explain quite how we came to the conclusion.

It is also very much a function of mastery in a particular area. We can be extremely intuitive about when to leap into a cyclone induced surf at the right moment, if we have done it many times before. On the other hand we may have no insight on the best Chess move if we don’t play very often.

Many of our worlds great discoveries came about after a very intense period of concentrated mental effort and when all seemed hopeless the breakthrough would come when the mind had “given up” or there was a period of enforced break away from the activity. Very often this would come in a dream or a sudden “eureka” moment……. a flash of insight!

Enstein achieved many of his remarkable ground shaking discoveries in this way. He once declared  “I believe in intuitions and inspirations…….I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am”.

As with everything in life mastery of any skill, including listening to our intuition, takes practice.

“Life is really very simple. In each moment, we have the opportunity to choose between saying “yes” or “no”, to listen to our intuition, to listen to our true inner voice, the Existential voice within ourselves. When we say “yes”, we have contact with Existence and we receive nourishment, love, joy and inspiration. When we say “no”, we create a separation from life and begin to create dreams and expectations of how it should be. We begin to live in the memories of the past and in the fantasies of the future – as if any other time than here and now really could really make us happy and satisfied.”

Swami Dhyan Giten, Presence – Working from Within.



Much of the discipline in listening to our intuitive flow is the art of letting go. Intuition is the opposite of trying to make something happen or projecting the way we think things should be. Intuition is our connection with what is real and the root of making that work is…….TRUST

Do we have the belief in our selves, the self esteem to act on our hunches. Do we trust enough in the bigger picture beyond our limited patterns to step outside our comfort zones?

Do we practice enough “feeling” our way through difficult situations, giving ourselves space to “Feel” what is right for us in all the major areas of our lives. In this hyper-rational world it can be too easy to defer back to our analytical systems, which is often based on popular socially acceptable rules, rather than what will actually bring us more fulfillment. Practicing our intuitive awareness and actioning this in all areas of our lives is essential for healthy living……..not just in one or two specialised areas.