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2017 – A year in Reflection by Dawn Charlton

2017 – A year in Reflection by Dawn Charlton



Dawn’s 2017 Reflection….

WOW!! What a year…one that has been full of change and moving forward.

I felt the universe pushing for huge change throughout 2017, starting just after the large blood moon at the end of 2016. We are all at different stages of our awakening and evolvement, for some it may have been a time for setting up the changes and getting ready, for others the changes have almost been forced upon them.
After, we are transitioning, we start new beginnings and taking new directions, it is important to be bold and fearless when trying to ascertain a new way of being. Being brave following your instincts and intuition will ensure that you can become who you are meant to be.

I have been shown through this period that happiness is earnt, it takes effort, discipline and a good constitution to be able to maintain and ensure that the neural pathways are strong, resilient and constant enough to allow us to rise to the challenging moments and periods that you are likely to face.
A true level of happiness can guide and see you through those stormy and tricky waters and you will be able to maintain a true perspective, keep calm and know that the fundamentals of your life are in order and you are in the right place at the right time.

Experience teaches us the most important lessons; most learning can only be truly understood in the aftermath and once the gifts are visible by you.

I feel it is the right time to share some of the key things I do to keep my mind, body and spirit as healthy and as happy as possible:

Writing, it is proven that physically using a pen or pencil to write onto paper is one of the most effective ways of creating input into your brain and self.
The connection between touch, sight, sound and visual context are very powerful and will ensure that you take in the information as simply as possible.
Your memory will be enhanced when trying to think back and will have been challenged a little and will be higher functioning.
There are various ways I use, these include:

* Journal – Time to write. I like to free flow write, which means I just start writing and allow whatever needs to come out…but you can also try these techniques-
Self-enquiry? – How I feel?. Ask questions etc.
* Write a letter to yourself, friend, parent or partner, basically anyone that you want to get a message across to but can’t for whatever reason.
* Make a list of all that you feel grateful for, as well as the things you want to change in your life and how you are going to change them.
* Vent all your worries, stresses, anxieties and then visualise your writings being given to God/Universe/Source to be taken care of.
* Write abstract poems, thoughts or ideas
* Draw, scribble or doodle

As you can see by some examples there are many ways you can express yourself. The idea is to get everything out of your head and onto paper, so you don’t have to carry it around with you all day.

Inner peace and sanctuary
, trying to understand where you are and where you want to go, with our busy lives and responsibilities we get caught up and it is very easy to not allow yourself enough time to regenerate, revitalise and refresh.

* Tap into your spirit guides, call in and ask them to send you Devine intervention or guidance surrounding a particular issue.
* Chanel – your Guardian angels or Archangels.
* Create positive Mantras, affirmations for your day ahead.
* Set an affirmation or Intent for the day. Write your own, or take a favourite quote or affirmation and sit with it for just a few moments. Maybe even write it down and pin it to your mirror, work desk, fridge or wherever you will see it often.
Reciting affirmations help you raise your vibration and put you in a positive mood for the day ahead.
During the day make it a point to recite your affirmation as often as you can. Also feel free to re-use an affirmation for multiple days, especially if you are noticing strong benefits.
* Meditate – The best time to meditate is to awaken early in the morning.
Getting up just before the sun is about to rise is the perfect time. For most this means between 5am – 6am
The energy that is present in the early hours of the morning is said to help stimulate creative flow, harmony and also peace.
Trust me once you see how much fun and amazing the work is, getting up early will not feel as bad.
Don’t worry if you can’t sit still and in silence for meditation, there are other ways you can do this.
While some mornings you may feel compelled to sit in silence, other mornings it may be beneficial to do a guided meditation.

There are plenty of free guided meditations available on you tube.  Some of my favourite are Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks

You can also download sound bowls/gongs, healing music or inaugural beats and have them on a playlist ready to go in the morning.
You can sit up in a lotus position, lay down or sit up with your back against the wall or popped up on a cushion. You don’t want to fall asleep, but being comfortable is also important.

If you are just getting started out with the practice of meditation, start with 5 – 10 minutes and work your way up from there.
You want to aim to meditate for at least 15-20mins, however go with the flow of the morning. Some days you will want to do.

The power of Positive thought and a positive mental attitude, I know people that have been through extreme bad situations and unfortunate circumstances and manged to find their way through, not only well, but improved and further evolved, thankful for the experience and lessons learnt. Everyone has this ability and can view any issues or challenges in a positive way.

Two people can go through very similar situations and have very different outcomes on their personal being, even though the severity and level of distress should have been similar.

*Gratefulness – Feeling grateful for what we have rather than anxious for what we have not got. Everybody has a gift…some just haven’t opened the parcel yet’
* Detachment – One that is extremely difficult for most of us, families, friends and lovers can require a temporary or permanent space within our lives, Detachment can be subtle, enlightening and required by both the person and yourself for the greater good.
Emotional detachment from others and their issues that do not involve us, allows us to have more time for our own challenges.
* Power of words and thoughts – One of our greatest gifts, we can learn to use positive words in our everyday lives, just by changing your view or the words involved can have profound effects on what happens and what we think about it!
Try replacing your issues and problems with challenges and opportunities, not just by exchanging the words but also your mindset and how you approach them.
* Good intentions and positive outcomes – Every new day is an opportunity to move forward, continue your good work or journey from the day(s) before. Try and to enter in all situations with good intention not just of yourself but for all involved, It may be that the situation may not be something that you like or would not like to be doing, but somethings have to be done. If you can handle these moments with good intention I find the outcomes can be hugely positive.
Remember is it not the result it is the outcome.
* Expectations – Modern life unfortunately is very based on attaining success, wealth, possessions and status.
Social media, Television, papers, movies, advertisements push this agenda.
To aspire is very positive, we all need a purpose, we need attainable goals that can be achieved and upon success of these we can be rewarded in many ways.
There are not many things we should expect in life apart from somewhere to sleep, something to eat and drink, someone to communicate with and some air to breathe. But for many this is not the case. Any expectations apart from human basic ones can be lead to unhappiness through disappointment, the feeling of failure, envy and jealousy.
Try and focus on what you have earnt rather than what you deserve.

Constant work is required by us all, it is our responsibility to view the world how we would like it to be, we all experience the bad, ugly and difficult situations but having PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) allows you to continue to ride over the bumps and remain happy.

The Physical being, 
ourselves our bodies. The mind, body and spirit are all one, none greater none lesser. We need all three to be balanced. The body needs to be as good as it can be, for us to lead the fullest life possible.
Some techniques that support me:

* Stretch and Breathe, Getting the blood moving and flowing in your body is a great way to clear out stagnant energy and to recharge your batteries.
Take just 5 minutes to stretch in any pose that feels good to you. Yoga and Tai Chi are good ones to learn.
Remember to breathe deeply through your stretches and to really focus on inhaling in the good energy and exhaling out anything that no longer serves you.
These steps/rituals take 30mins a day. You will start to gain clarity and receive clear and strong messages about you and your purpose.
* Walking, we are all meant to walk, it is essential for the physical body, your blood, your heart, your lungs, your hands, arms, shoulders, head, chest, stomach, hips, pelvis, legs, and toes are some of the parts of you that appreciate this!
The added benefit of walking outdoors is daylight, we all need daylight to be healthy. (I don’t mean sunshine in this instance, although a very limited amount of sunshine is very good for your skin and cells).
Your mind will relax if you take in the surroundings, I find that it is always best to find new routes, places or different terrain, all of which stimulate your brain, which will allow you to have a break from the usual thoughts.
* Doing something fun or you enjoy, it is known that endorphins that are released into our mind and bodies when experiencing new things or things that you find fun will make you feel better, I try to live my life as much as possible by doing more of the things I love and less of the things I do not like. By focusing this way, you find yourself happier and content.
We all must do things we do not enjoy, but I always try to face these as early as possible in my day.
* Nutrition – We are what we put into our bodies. Every person is unique which means we all need different foods, It is important to lead a life as clean as possible. Toxins are in so many of the things we have a taste for. Keep it simple and try looking at alternative ingredients or the natural versions of foods you love. In many ancient cultures they have a set time of the year to detox, abstain or eat/drink simple and natural things.
It is important to nourish, repair, heal ourselves as often as you possibly can.
Everything should be in balance, it’s fine to have a little of the things you love as an occasional treat or reward but always remember to try and return to your discipline as soon as you can afterwards.
Not being tough on yourself is the key, we all get tempted lose a little control sometimes, what’s important is the realisation and then starting a fresh again.
* Water –  Is the key to life without it there is nothing. Try and drink room temperature water as much as possible. (It’s perfectly fine to grab a cold water from the fridge on a hot day to cool down and refresh).
I believe strongly that water intake should be based upon your weight, height, age and activity.
This may help you calculate what is good for you.



Whether you are looking for clarity about your purpose, a relationship or even your life in general…do these daily rituals for insight.
These factors are going to better help you tap into your purpose and clear out any mental, physical and spiritual clutter that may be blocking you.
When your world is quiet, calm and still there are less distractions and things stopping you from achieving your full potential.

2017 was a huge growth year for me personally, I was lucky to have been guided, taught and reminded of so many key parts of life by the passing of my beautiful mother. She was so impressive and inspirational how she kept her mind, body and spirit as healthy and as happy as possible through her life threating condition. Never complaining or the victim but still as always an earth mother for myself and all around. A true white light for me to follow for forever.

Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’Oli Makahiki Hou..
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…

Looking forward to sharing Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi in 2018, with our Ohana both new and familiar souls..


Dawn xx