Lomi Massage Training

Lomi Massage Training

Date(s) - 10/06/2017 - 11/06/2017

Gold Coast - Tweed River
Tweed River, Bilambil, Australia

Workshop Type
Hot Stones (2 Days)

Hot Stones Training

Hot Stone Therapy is an ancient healing technique dating back over 3000 years. The combination of heat and rhythm allow the therapist to penetrate deeply into any areas of pain and constriction along the body. The continuous flow of these hot stones along with placement of static hot stones have a powerful relaxing effect upon the mind and body.

This is not just a static treatment used in conjunction with your massage techniques. This is a complete therapy using the hot stones to work deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes. It is also a wonderful edition to any of the Lomi Lomi levels or any bodywork modality. The hot stones allow the therapist to eliminate undue stress on their wrists and thumbs as you let the hot stones do their work.


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Learning Lomi Lomi

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